The Rock and Water Program is an active, practical and physical program.  

The Rock and Water Program, developed by Dutch educationalist Freerk Ykema, offers educators a physical and social interaction with students. Physical exercises are constantly linked with mental and social skills. The Rock and Water program leads from games, simple self defence, boundary and communication exercises to a strong notion of self-confidence. The program offers a framework of exercises and ideas about how to assist boys and girls to become aware of purpose and motivation in their life.


Self-respect, Self-control and Self confidence
Communication skills and interpretation of visual body cues
Thinking and being in control, through grounding, centeredness and mental focus

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Edu Solutions offers a variety of excellent resources which act as powerful and at times necessary support to the program. These link strongly with the teachings and are co written with Freerk Ykema, the founder of the Rock and Water program in Netherlands.

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About us

Edu Solutions Consultancy is committed to developing positive social, academic and emotional outcomes for students in Western Australian schools. Principal Paul Stein is constantly seeking out ‘best practice’ programs and learning activities that endorse this vision.

Paul Stein Dip Teach

Grad Dip Outdoor Pursuits, B Sc.

Rock and Water Workshops

Tim Brenton at Rock and Water Central coordinates all Rock and Water workshops within Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and

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Here are some of our past reviews

 “Wherever Rock and Water is taught, boys and girls become more confident, protective and able to express themselves in a crisis. Bullying and assaults are significantly reduced. The program teaches them to actively prevent violence, deal with conflict and how to intervene appropriately to protect others from bullying.”


– Steve Biddulph, best selling author of ‘New Manhood and Raising Boys,’



“Rock and Water is a truly excellent program which supplies both boys and girls with a whole host of excellent strategies and skills to navigate their often emotionally testing early years. Powerful anti bullying strategies, the development of self control and self confidence and the proven reduction in sexually transgressive behaviours in young men are just a few of the outcomes. I wholly support and endorse the Rock and Water program as a powerful tool for developing self awareness, resilience and emotional well being in our children and adolescents today.”


– Dr Arne Rubinstein, best selling author of ‘The Making of Men


“Rock and Water connects young people to themselves and makes them stronger, smarter and more confident. I immediately resonated with the underlying philosophy of the program, its practical application and connection with youth. This program will work with Aboriginal children and can make a fundamental difference to the psyche of Aboriginal boys.”


– Aboriginal education expert and CEO of Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, Associate Professor Robert Somerville AM


“Today I attended a one hour PD at the above mentioned school. It was run by Paul Stein. I want to voice how taken I was with the whole presentation. The one hour seemed like it passed in just 10 minutes. I was hungry to learn more!!! Well done Paul – it was fantastic and such an eye opener. I now teach in Ed Support and what you teach is something that is sadly lacking in the lives of so many young people. I loved it! Congratulations!”


– Johanna Lee, Leeming High School’