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Edu Solutions offers a variety of excellent resources which act as powerful and at times necessary support to the program. These link strongly with the teachings and are co written with Freerk Ykema, the founder of the Rock and Water program in Netherlands.

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  • Price: $ 149.00 Quantity:
    These act to stimulate discussions, support lessons with related graphics and text and also act as a constant reminder of the salient teaching points when hanging on walls or hallways of schools. The posters are full colour, A2 in size, contemporary designed, laminated on 1 side and cowritten by Freek Ykema, the originator of the Rock and Water program. Posters are an excellent way of promoting discussions and are a strong visual support to the teachings of the program and add a visual dimension to teaching the positive values, attitudes and feelings that the Rock and Water program embraces. $149 plus $15 p/h (add $10 p/h per additional set)
  • Price: $ 29.00 Quantity:
    Four different Rock and Water designs (40 in a pack). These allow teachers and schools to honour students who successfully adopt Rock and Water strategies. Can be given out at assemblies & class lessons. plus $10 p/h Price $29 per set (inc GST)
  • Price: $ 15.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $ 15.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $ 25.00 Quantity:
    Two different Rock and Water mini posters. $25 Plus $15 p/h each.
  • Price: $ 49.00 Quantity:
    This Memory Stick contains materials that will support Rock & Water trained participants to enhance their Rock & Water facilitation as well as their approach to their school, agency or other settings. The Memory Stick includes Lesson Plans, Overview for Parents and other materials to make your Rock & Water program the highest standard possible. plus $15 p/h Price $49 each (inc GST)
  • Price: $ 320.00 Quantity:
    Includes Poster packs A and B, mini posters, certificate pack, DVD of Rock and Water exercises, Rock and Water theory booklet. plus $20 p/h Price $320 each (Postage & Handling)
  • Rock And Water Polo Shirts

    Price: $ 45.00

    Great looking shirts in our colours and official logo. plus $10 p/h Price $45 each (inc GST)

  • Price: $ 35.00 Quantity:
    A book written by Freerk Ykema for everyone interested in boys’ education. It contains basic ideas about the dynamics behind boys’ behaviour and links with the theoretical background information of the Rock and Water program. It is recommended for anyone who wants to work with, or is interested in, the program. plus $10 p/h
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