We are proud to announce that Rock and Water Central will be the organisers of the 2 day and 3 day workshops in WA from 2018

Edu Solutions will continue to run 1 day workshops and free presentations - further Information will be available soon.

EduSolutions offers a number of different training and workshop packages which are fully endorsed by the Gadaku Institute. These can be for:

  • Teaching staff including psychologists, chaplains and education assistants
  • Government and Non-Government agencies looking for personal development options
  • Parent bodies
  • Student groups
  • Parent and students together
  • Youth organisations

Free 60 Minute Presentation

EduSolutions are proud to present a 1-hour FREE presentation at your organisation with no obligation to commit to any future workshop. This presentation will give you, your staff and parents an outline of the program. Please Note: FREE presentations are only available in the metro area of Perth. For FREE presentations outside the metro area, a small fee will apply to travel costs.

These presentations are a lot of fun and combine a powerpoint as well as a series of activities that explain the Rock and Water process. Being psycho physical in nature the activities highlight how each activity helps develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and emotional well-being. Body language, mindfulness, communication skills, boundary awareness and anti-bullying strategies are integral to Rock and Water and the presentations touch on each of the above aspects to explain how integral they are to the development of self-regulation and personal well-being.

One Day Introductory Workshop

For schools and Government and Non-Government agencies. These include 10 manuals, a flashdrive of resources and certification for each participant.

This workshop provides a survey of the entire 3 day course focusing on the first six lessons of the program which include standing strong physically and mentally, introduction to the Rock and Water attitude (in physical and verbal confrontation), Rock and Water in the school yard and in relationships (what kind of friend am I? Too rocky, too watery?)It will also include breathing exercises, exercises for boundary awareness and body language.Maximum of 30 participants per workshop included in the set fee, extra participants will cost $77 each.This is a great way to familiarize many staff with the Rock and Water principles in your school/organisation.

Two Day Rock & Water Workshop Focus on Primary Schools

This focuses specifically on K to 7 and includes manuals, posters, and certificates. The Primary workshop is facilitated by Master Instructor Paul Stein and has a hard covered, colour coded manual with over 120 detailed lesson plans in it.

This workshop applies the Rock and Water concepts and principles to all grades of primary education and the common situations that often occur at school. It meets the demands and needs of teachers and trainers working with young children.

Students learn to stand stronger in many ways. In the playground and the classroom, they learn to identify their limitations and possibilities, learn to communicate more effectively, learn to feel, set and defend their own boundaries and to respect others’ boundaries too.

The workshop manual includes profiles of students from each age group and gives emphasis to their age specific (social) identity development. The practical material is provided which explains why certain exercises are better suited to students from various age groups.

Three Day Workshop

This is a core 3-day workshop and focuses on the fundamentals of the Rock and Water program. It is supported by a detailed manual.

This professional development training, delivered by Master Instructor Tim Brenton, offers educators and professionals a new way to interact with young people, adolescents, and adults. Through applied physical exercises you will develop an understanding of your own capabilities and methods to involve, instruct and inform others.

This workshop begins with simple body awareness exercises, boundary and communication exercises and some basic self-defence. By the third day, progress on intuition, self-reflection and control are cultivated.

The workshop aims to develop self-confidence, the ability for self-reflection and respect for oneself and others.

Two Day Rock and Water Workshop Focus on Women & Girls

The workshop consists of a 10 lesson program using the basic skills and concepts of the Rock and Water program, while also paying special attention to the developmental challenges, qualities, and strengths of girls and women.

Participants work with Rock and Water principles to enhance communication skills and encourage a sense of one’s own individuality and personal path in life.

This training aims to support girls and women in their journey to becoming powerful individuals. The Rock concept is used to enable girls and women to believe in their own strength and to increase their self-confidence. The Water concept works as a tool to help translate this new-found strength into communication with others.

Leadership Workshops for Primary School and Secondary School Students

Edu Solutions can come to your school or organisation and run a Full Day or Half Day with your students.

An excellent way to develop qualities of leadership, personal confidence and self-respect in your students. All games are a lot of fun and each has a powerful diamond underneath which we discuss in the reflections after each activity.

Rock and Water focuses on the development of emotional intelligence and the capacity to connect with others. Students learn to ground and center themselves which allows them to make more positive choices and know when to be ROCK and stand up for what we really believe and when to be WATER and to communicate meaningfully.

These topics are covered in the whole or half day workshops

  • Anti-bullying
  • Alternatives to aggressive verbal and physical actions,
  • Awareness of the impacts of body language,
  • Mindfulness
  • Boundary awareness

Students completing the one-day training will receive an EduSolutions/Gadaku Institute Certificate of Leadership at the completion of the day.

Go to Calendar for upcoming workshop and training dates.

“Wherever Rock and Water is taught, boys and girls become more confident, protective and able to express themselves in a crisis. Bullying and assaults are significantly reduced. The program teaches them to actively prevent violence, deal with conflict and how to intervene appropriately to protect others from bullying.”


– Steve Biddulph, best selling author of ‘New Manhood and Raising Boys,’

“Rock and Water is a truly excellent program which supplies both boys and girls with a whole host of excellent strategies and skills to navigate their often emotionally testing early years. Powerful anti bullying strategies, the development of self control and self confidence and the proven reduction in sexually transgressive behaviours in young men are just a few of the outcomes. I wholly support and endorse the Rock and Water program as a powerful tool for developing self awareness, resilience and emotional well being in our children and adolescents today.”


– Dr Arne Rubinstein, best selling author of ‘The Making of Men

“Rock and Water connects young people to themselves and makes them stronger, smarter and more confident. I immediately resonated with the underlying philosophy of the program, its practical application and connection with youth. This program will work with Aboriginal children and can make a fundamental difference to the psyche of Aboriginal boys.”


– Aboriginal education expert and CEO of Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, Associate Professor Robert Somerville AM

“Today I attended a one hour PD at the above mentioned school. It was run by Paul Stein. I want to voice how taken I was with the whole presentation. The one hour seemed like it passed in just 10 minutes. I was hungry to learn more!!! Well done Paul – it was fantastic and such an eye opener. I now teach in Ed Support and what you teach is something that is sadly lacking in the lives of so many young people. I loved it! Congratulations!”


– Johanna Lee, Leeming High School’

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