1 Day Introductory Workshop

1 Day Introductory Workshop

The 1 Day Introductory Workshop will give you a great understanding on the concepts and language of the program. It will provide your staff with the skills and confidence to effectively deliver Lessons 1 to 6 of the Rock and Water Program. This is a great way to have a whole school approach to the program with all staff understanding the language, Rock and Water principles and concepts of the program.

The workshop will provide a survey of the entire course with a focus on the first six lessons of the program including; an introduction to the Rock and Water attitude (in physical and verbal confrontation); standing strong physically and mentally; Rock and Water in the school yard and in relationships (what kind of friend am I? Too rocky, too watery?); and also includes breathing exercises and exercises for boundary awareness and body language.

1 Day Introductory/Refresher Workshop – $295.00 (inc GST) price includes Catering and Starters Manual.
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$280 (inc GST) Price Includes

  • flash drive of resources
  • A2 posters (set of 18 )
  • 2 certificate packs including 2 new designs
  • 4 mini posters
  • theory booklet
  • personalised storage envelope

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Closed Workshop

This workshop is conducted at your school and is available all year round. Book early to secure your next Professional Development day.

$1975 (inc. GST) plus all travel, accommodation & sundries if required.
* Remote locations will incur additional charges.

A maximum of 30 staff members; extra participants will cost $44 each.

Price includes 10 Starter manuals, 1 poster set (A&B), mini posters sets, certificate set, accreditation and certificate for each participant, access to an extensive, free online resource package after training has concluded.

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