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Rock and Water Training for Students

Leadership Workshops for Primary School and Secondary School Students

Edu Solutions can come to your school or organisation and run a Full Day or Half Day with your students.

An excellent way to develop qualities of leadership, personal confidence and self-respect in your students. All games are a lot of fun and each has a powerful diamond underneath which we discuss in the reflections after each activity.

Rock and Water focuses on the development of emotional intelligence and the capacity to connect with others. Students learn to ground and center themselves which allows them to make more positive choices and know when to be ROCK and stand up for what we really believe and when to be WATER and to communicate meaningfully.

These topics are covered in the whole or half day workshops

(i) Anti-bullying

(ii) Alternatives to aggressive verbal and physical actions,

(iii) Awareness of the impacts of body language,

(iv) Mindfulness

(v) Boundary awareness

Students completing the one-day training will receive an EduSolutions/Gadaku Institute Certificate of Leadership at the completion of the day.

This program is well suited to Year 4 through to Year 12 classes.

Costs: Full Day: $895 (inc GST) and Half Day $550 (inc GST)

For More Information please contact Paul Stein on 0431 173 165 or email Paul@edusolutions.com.au

Rock and water program