2 Day Primary School Workshop

Next Workshop 23th-24th August 2018
2 Day Primary Workshop

This workshop focuses specifically on K to 7 and includes manuals, posters and certificates. The Primary workshop is facilitated by Master Instructor Paul Stein and includes a hard covered, colour coded manual with over 120 detailed lesson plans in it.

The new Rock and Water Primary School – School Wide training developed by aims to answer three crucial questions concerning Rock and Water:

  1. Can we also teach Rock and Water to the youngest boys and girls at school?
  2. Is it possible to apply Rock and Water throughout the entire period of primary schooling in order to promote a continuous flow of learning starting from Kindergarten through to the final grades (11/12 year olds)?
  3. Can the exercises, insights, theory and methods be conveniently collected in a manual, enabling the teacher/trainer to reach maximum results with a minimum of preparation?

The answer to these questions is an unconditional “YES”.

Meeting the demand of teachers and trainers working with young children, Rock and Water in primary schools focuses on the translation of Rock and Water principles to all grades of primary education and all situations that occur at school on a daily basis.

The accompanying manual describes in detail the psychological profile of students in each age group, giving special emphasis to the development of their (social) identity. We have carefully selected new and existing Rock and Water exercises to support students in each stage of their development. This workshop will provide you with new insights and practical material on why each exercise is suited for every student in each grade. You will learn new ways to put Rock and Water to good use in your school.

The manual includes over 120 lessons designed to suit each grade, 80 professional pictures and a full colour lay-out. There are dozens of practical tips and strategies for keeping order, dealing with organizational issues and connecting with the students. The manual will assist the teacher/trainer to improve their skills and maximize the result of each lesson and training. Each lesson is supported by questions that can be used to reflect on that specific exercise. There is also a whole section dedicated to exercises and assignments that can be used to continue the program in the classroom. These exercises are designed to meet each student’s favorite learning style leaving room for creativity and imagination, both for them and the teacher/trainer.

Supported by the central themes and the physical-social structure of the Rock and Water Program, this practical and detailed new resource is a must have for every Rock and Water teacher/trainer working with young boys and girls and a valuable new addition to the Rock and Water Program.

3 Day Workshop – $825.00 (inc GST) price includes Catering, New – hardcover Manual and Basic Exercises DVD
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$325 (inc GST) Price Includes Postage & Handling

  • flash drive of resources
  • A2 posters (set of 18 )
  • 2 certificate packs including 2 new designs
  • 4 mini posters
  • theory booklet
  • personalised storage envelope


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