2 Day Workshop - Focus on Autsim Spectrum Disorder

Next Workshop 17th May and 18th May 2018

Rock and Water Workshop – Focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Two Day Rock & Water Program with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders, and ‘children with additional and related problems’ is a unique Rock & Water approach that helps children (and adults) who are diagnosed with ASD to develop more self-confidence, better communication skills and strategies to deal with the world and it’s sometimes overwhelming demands.

The workshop will assist in increasing self-control and assertiveness, to develop body language awareness, to encourage better communication skills and to decrease feelings of anxiety

When people in general – and in particular people with ASD – end up in a stressful situation, they often respond according to one of the following two stereotyped patterns of behaviour:

Rock (too rocky): emotionally closed, macho, surviving through power and force) or
Water (too watery): too compliant towards others, not being able to assert oneself very well, avoiding behaviour).

In both cases there is a risk that people are not able to stay close to their own feeling and that they will “lose themselves”. The Rock & Water program shows, first in a physical way, that both strategies have their value, but that this depends on the situation. The behaviour is not rejected, but extended through exploration of alternatives.

The program makes use of psychophysical didactics. The starting point is the development of emotional awareness on the basis of body awareness, which ultimately leads to self-awareness.

2 Day Focus on Women & Girls Workshop – $615.00 (inc GST) price includes catering and Manual.
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$280 (inc GST) Price Includes

  • flash drive of resources
  • A2 posters (set of 18 )
  • 2 certificate packs including 2 new designs
  • 4 mini posters
  • theory booklet
  • personalised storage envelope

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